Valerie Behiery

Valerie Behiery, Ph.D., is an arts writer and independent scholar specializing in contemporary art and visual culture, especially that related to the Middle East and North Africa. She also covers other topics that she holds to heart like the environment or women accomplishing great things. Having lived in six countries, Valerie is endlessly intrigued by life, the world, and the people she meets.  Recognizing the transformative power of the arts on both individuals and collectives, she is fuelled by a vision of a more ethical and peaceful world. Her non-fiction writing has been published in art magazines and catalogues, freelance publications, books, and academic journals. Her sensitivity to the uncanny languages of words and images has been nourished by her varied professional experience in teaching, public speaking, and museum consultancy, as well as by her own poetry writing and art making. Valerie looks forward to working with you to help you bring media visibility to great talent, ideas, and initiatives. An experienced writer, English teacher, and copy editor, she can also assist you in strengthening the message, structure, and style of your texts, be they grant applications, reports, academic books or novels.